Dashboard Designer 7.60 problem with PNG image-objects with an alpha-channel

Discussion created by a.pietersen on Oct 21, 2014
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Using the new Dashboard Designer 7.60 (html), PNG image-objects with an Alpha-channel do not show alarm-state collor.

In the old Dashboard Designer (flash), PNG images-objects were able to fill in the Alpa channel with the alarm-state collor.


In the new Dashboard Designer you need 2 objects to create the same effect, namely: an extra alamr rectangle (as background) with the alarm-state collor + png image (in front) with an alpha-channel.


is this standard behaviour or a bug? Our do I miss something here?


To show what I mean:


New Dashboard Desiginer (html) - 2 objects needed for alert sate of an png object with aplha channel?:





Old Dashboard Designer (flash) - only one png image-object with aplha-channel was needed.





Anyone experience the same, any tips or tricks?


Best regards

Ashley Pietersen