Modifying the CSS in UMP/Liferay

Discussion created by careyb on Apr 24, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2014 by ntimm

Hi all,

  I'm aware that I can go into a users profile and adjust the CSS for the public and privtae pages by adding in code to the CSS box under "Look and Feel". I also know that i can reference external CSS by adding an external import reference to that box,


for example by adding a line like this to the CSS box....


@import url(


However, I have quite a lot of CSS I want to use including fonts and images and so I would like to put them on to the server and reference them locally.


I've tried @import url(‘the_server_path/css/itmaas.css’) but I can't get that to work.


Can anyone answer me the following questions.....


1) Is it possible to reference local CSS files?

2) If so where should I copy them to on the server?,

3) How should I refer to them? i.e. what is the command and should I be using an abolute path or a relative path or a http url?


Any help gratefully appreciated.