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Discussion created by careyb on Jun 19, 2014
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  I;ve read some of the other posts about communities/sites and how to get them to work but i'm not having a lot of sucess with it. 


Ideally I would have a single Site with a set of styling and pre-defined pages. I would then want all users to automatically get directed to those site pages when they log in rather than be taken to their own private/public pages.


I don't mind if this is a global setting for all users if it had to be. In phase 2 I might want different groups to drop in to different sites but to get it to work for everyone would be fine with me in stage one.


Can anyone advise on how I need to get that to work step by step in 7.5? I can find what I think are the right settings but setting them doesn't appear to work unless i'm doing something wrong.

All advice appreciated.