UMP - Account aware pages for LDAP users

Discussion created by technik on Apr 17, 2014
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I'm facing the issue that I have a lot of Accounts with LDAP group links and have to create individual pages for every Account. Individual means Logo, Pages, Children pages etc. Data entitlement is solved - all accounts are linked to their origin (ownership).


For every account I will create a Community within UMP to define public pages which I like to link / show to the Account contacts.


Until now I used a special default .lar-file for all new users. In the new user/account concept this is not enough.


Is there a way to get for every new user (all users are LDAP users) during his first login the sepcial pages defined for his account?

I looked for it in this Forum, in KB and in liferay Forums - but no hint to solve this issue.


Maybe one within the community has realized such a solution.


Thanks in advance,