Dashboard table actions

Discussion created by dick.cooman on Nov 12, 2013

I'm working up a strategy for a series of custom dashboards that provide a drilldown look at data for a customer.  The top level may be by application and show an alarm status.  Drilling down would show the customers who have that product and drilling down again would show the devices and alarm status at the lowest level.  The problem is the list of applications, customers and servers is always changing.  I can retrieve what I want to display with a SQL query, so I was thinking of using a table to display the top level and running a query to populate it.  If the user clicks on a particular line in the table I want it to pass that value down to the next dashboard table that displays the customers for that application.  The table action would have to somehow pass the value for that row to the next level and use it in the query.  Is that even possible?  If so, how could I do it?  If anyone can point to better documenation on the Dashboard Designer that speaks of table actions etc, I really appreciate it.  Any other ideas welcome also.  Thanks in advance.