UMP and NSD 7 Integration....

Discussion created by chris_nees on Nov 1, 2013
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Description of the Problem:


I have successfully integrated UMP 6.5 with NSD 7.x by:

reconfiguring UMP to login using e-mail address

reconfiguring wasp and

loading the Servicedesk.lar file into UMP.


The integration works successfully and I can log into UMP, click the Servicedesk tab and see the Service Desk appear.


However, this only works once. If I move off to another tab then return to the Service Desk tab I get an SSL error.


Diagnosis so far:


Using Chrome and looking at the URLs being called I can see the following URLs being called before the error:


Firstly https://<mydomain>/servicedesk/portalinteraction?itype=login


Which in turn redirects to:




I can see that there is an obvious error in the URL above where a :80 is being inserted into the URL when this is actually a https call and hence the ssl error.

If I remove the :80 manually or replace this with :443 then it all works.


The Question:


Is there any way I can make a change to a configuration file somewhere to stop that :80 being inserted or to replace it with :443. I’m guessing that a particular .jsp file must be responsible for this redirect maybe driven by some config file but I can not determine which one.

Can anyone help me fix this problem.