Issue publishin dashboards to ACLs

Discussion created by 1_Javier on Jan 24, 2013
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I have in AD 2 test groups : Servers and Network.

There is one user who is assigned both groups in AD.

2 ACLs created with permissions same as Operator: Servers and Network.


In UMP I have published one general custom dashboard for both ACL and one link to servers dashboard and one for network dashboard. Those custom dashboards are published each one for its ACL..


The user can acces to the general dashboard (it is published for both ACL) but when I try to acces to both network and server dashboard he cant acces one of them.


Why ? The dashboard must be published for both ACL also, right? But then, all the users belonging to both ACL can acces to that dashboard when I only wanted that user, not all the ACL. Any workaround or there isnt?