RCA/Topology and Discovery

Discussion created by 1_ToddAdams on Dec 5, 2012

Running in to a few issues with getting good results from Discovery and the Relationship viewer.


The primary issue from what I can see is the Discovery. I have one discovery agent on the primary hub in our datacenter and another discovery agent on a robot sitting in our corp office. Each of the discovery agents has vlans defined based on location. I have defined each of the subnets so that we can eventually get RCA / topology alerts for the network. After running the agents for a few days my computer_system table has grown and my discovery pie chart in ump, usm, and topology have gone nuts. The number totals are correct, but the counts are way too high. It appears that I have some systems showing from the primary hub, some duplicates from the secondary hub and an entry for every IP possible in the ranges defined. We went from 178 systems to over 7K entries in that table.


Any suggestions ?