UMP262: no or slow response on connecting/loading landingpage by url - different per browser

Discussion created by a.pietersen on Oct 25, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2012 by a.pietersen

On MSIE9 we can not connect most of the time to the homepage of UMP when using the url. Firefox does not have this problem to connect - littlebit slow although. (this issue is related to our local LAN, connecting from the internet we have no issue sofar)


MSIE9 refers to a dns (301) error, which can not ne the case because address is avaible in dns server and even added in hostfile.

When using the ip-address the connection and pageload is fast and we have no problem with MSIE9 or any other browser.


What we have checked and done sofar:

- Checking DNS: system does resovels the name to ip-address correct.

- firewall / network : ICMP and Telnet --> all working as expected. OK

- made changes that were mentioned in a hotfix document related to server.xml file, uncomment the lines about flex-client (sorry I cannot find the link the that document anymore)

- deleted browsing history, ipconfig /flushdn etc..cache

- reinstalled UMP several time now (including the changes mentioned before)

- redeployed ump.zip several times (backuped ROOT.war)

- and much more...


Can not get it right. Has someone experienced the same issue? What do I miss? Any tips or clues?