UMP 6.0 - vitrual host vs ip-address issue

Discussion created by a.pietersen on Oct 18, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2012 by ntimm

Hi we recently upgraded to UMP 6.0. Now we have a problem that UMP is only responding on hard ip-address not on configured domainname when trying to connect. (localy/lan)  Fortuantely the domainname mapping works when connecting from outside.


In the Virtual Hosts Setting under menu-item Manage/Setting -after login-we still see a reference to an ip-address


ie: (Enter the public and private virtual host that will map to the public and private friendly URL. For example, if the public virtual host is www.helloworld.com and the friendly URL is /helloworld, then http://www.helloworld.com is mapped to


although we configured a domainname in all reference to the virtual and public pages (including the community etc) and not an ip-address.


Deleting all the refences, restart of the wasp, rebooting the system, changing the host file, changing the portal_ext.properties, reinstalling UMP, deleting the garbage cache and offcourse everytime deleting the cache of the browsers (MSIE, Firefox and Chrome) nothings help.


Question: where can I find (and change) this hardcoded ip-address reference. In a portal-file or in databse? On the Liferay forum there are some suggestion to check, but I cannot find these files in the UMP enviroment.


So, if somebody can give me a hint where to look and change it, please let me know. 



Ashley Pietersen