Dynamically change custom dashboard backgrounds

Discussion created by prubin on Sep 20, 2012
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Hi All,


I have a large custom dashboard in the format of colored text boxes as background "panels" on top of which sit sliders which show red if value=0, and green if value > 0. The only thing I care about is that value !=0, and it shows me a red slider on the screen. The problem is that the dashboard is so large at this point, that it doesn't fit on my display, and some of the sliders are out of sight. The idea is to have the whole dashboard have a background color change if value = 0 anywhere. The "background" in this case can mean either the actual dashboard background (some of it is visible through my colored textboxes), or the textbox panels that the sliders are sitting on.


Bonus points for not having to rebuild the whole thing using Panel and Alarm objects.