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SLA Report 'bug - UMP 2.6.2 and NMS 5.6.1

Question asked by bm on Jul 27, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2012 by david_hayes

I have a QoS that can have values 0,1,2. In my SLO I bring in the QoS and set the compliance to be <> 0. I notice in the SLA report that for the SLO I have 100% compliance but when I drill down to the QoS trend in the SLA report it shows a breach for the period in question.


If you look at the attached picture it explains it better:


1) The top red square shows 100% compliance

2) My QoS for the period has a value of 2

3) The bottom red sqaure is where the 'bug' is. The table shows a breach with the breach icon for my entire period 510 mins. If there was a breach then the compliance would not be 100%. Something is not right here else I am confused!


Any ideas?