USM driving interface_traffic no DNS resolution

Discussion created by RobPol on Jul 23, 2012
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I have run into this problem a couple of times now and I may be missing something obvious. If so please enlighten me.


At a client site using Discovery/USM to monitor switches. Discovery finds them with snmp and configures interface_traffic. However it insists on using the switch name as reported by SNMP not the IP address. The switches are not in DNS, pretty common in my experience. Interface traffic fails to resolve the names and throws SNMP not responding errors.


Is there a way to tell USM to use the IP address where it found the thing rather than the SNMP reported name?


If not I am going to be building a lua script to read the discovery tables and populate the hosts file so ift can resolve them. Fortunately this is a single hub install so not too gnarly a problem. still I would rather be doing something more obviously productive for the client.