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Querying samplevalue for CDM

Question asked by Albert on May 22, 2012
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I'm trying do a query for a table (Top Servers by CPU Usage) for a custom Dashboard but I can't.


select top 10 source,target,avg(samplevalue) as samplevalue from S_QOS_DATA where qos='QOS_CPU_USAGE' and source=target group by source,target order by avg(samplevalue) desc


The problem is on Service Level Manager I see samplevalue, sampletime and samplemax are empty.

Where can I get some documentation about "basic" querys on tables? Or trying to see basic querys used in Server Reports, etc.

I just want to do few basic tables with basic info about Top Servers used by memory, CPU and this kind of things. If at least I could see the source code of the Unified Dashboards to view the sql query, it would be enough :smileyhappy:



Thanks for your help