Direct Link to Unified Report passing auth.

Discussion created by ntimm on Apr 13, 2012

Using UR 1.9 I am trying to use the web_content portlet to link directly to a Unified Report.  My problem is I  have to pass authentication in the URL which is a management nighmare.  Are there some tokens or anything that I can put in the URL so the user doesn't have to login the UR.  I can use the Unified reports portlet which auto logs in but I can link directly to a reports as the end user would have to fine them in the list.  An example url to link directly to a report is below.  I can pass j_username and j_password but without a token I can grab automatically this is not ideal.




Above link works great if I have already logged into jasperserver.  I also tried accessing via the portlet then click a report in another page but it didn't work asked for login.