Unable to view QoS Reports

Discussion created by daleman on Mar 13, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2012 by ntimm

I am using the report_engine v 7.81 to generate and view custom QoS reports.  Using the report engine gui, whenever I right click and attempt to view report it appears to just hang.  The messages comes up saying calculating reports but never completes.  I am seeing this in the logs: re: SREPLY: status = 7(temporarily out of resources)

The report engine is running on its own virtual server.  I checked the server and noticed java was consuming high memory causing the server to be at 99% memory usage.  I stopped and restarted teh probe with no luck.  I ended the jave process but it would return and memory usage would spike up again.  I've rebooted the server and now java is no longer running but reports are still not viewable.  Any ideas, what could be causing this?