Hub attempting to connect to wrong robot IP address

Discussion created by RobKelley on Feb 11, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2013 by ntimm

Has anyone seen an issue where the hub attempts to connect to a robot by a different IP address than was specified when adding the robot to the hub (robot was installed in passive mode)?


We have robots installed on both nodes in a MCS SQL Server cluster.  The robots were installed as passive robots.  However when I connect to them using their IP address, the hub lists them with the wrong IP.  The IP being contacted by the hub is an IP used by the SQL node to contact the other node in the cluster, akin to a heartbeat check.  The robot's correct IP is listed in the hub.cfg file but the wrong IP is listed in the hub probe GUI as well as in IM.  Is there somewhere other than the hub.cfg file where the robot's IP is recorded?