Any way to browse scheduled reports saved to server?

Discussion created by 1_keithk on Jan 20, 2012

When defining a scheduled report in the UMP, you can opt to have the report saved on the server. The documentation says this:


One of the delivery options in Report Scheduler is to store reports on a server. By default the reports are stored under the root directory webapps/reportscheduler/archive, but you can define the root directory for storing reports. If the report is associated with an account, the report is stored in a directory with that account name under the specified root directory.


The documentation also goes on to explain how to change the root directory for storing reports by using Raw Configure. However, it does not explain how to access the reports on the server. After looking in the directory mentioned above to learn the file names, I attempted to access the reports and found this (sanitized) URL worked to get me a single report not associated with an account:




I thought the following URL might list the report files, but I tested and found it does not work:




So is there any way to browse the scheduled reports that are saved to the server? Or do you just have to know the direct URL to each one? I could not find any options in the Report Scheduler portlet that would let me see the saved reports to link me to their location.