List all servers monitored remotely by the vmware probe

Discussion created by RobKelley on Dec 21, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2011 by BryanMorrow

Every night we verify that all of our servers identified as requiring monitoring are indeed being monitored.    We are moving to Nimsoft and it was necessary to rewrite the script.  The problem I faced was that while I could use the probe utility command line for the controller to pull a list of robots attached to the hub, I could not do the same for those systems monitored remotely by the vmware probe.   I discovered that each monitored VM is listed in the vmware.cfg file and wrote a batch file to copy-off the vmware.cfg file from the robot running the probe each night.  Then I use a Perl script to parse the file and produce a new file that contains only the normalized list of monitored VMs.  I later combine this file with a list of Nimsoft robots and compare it to a file of servers requiring monitoring in BladeLogic.  I've not yet updated the script that compares the monitored server list against the BladeLogic list as we haven't yet implemented Nimsoft.  I'll provide it when the work is comlete.  In the mean time I've attached a zip file that includes the scripts, a readme and a dataflow diagram.


Please let me know if you've identified a way of pulling a list of remotely monitored systems using the probe utility.  Thanks.