auto-discovery / NimsoftRemoteAdmin and authentication credentials

Discussion created by rgivens on Dec 1, 2011

So I've setup multiple discovery_agents.  One in each of our decanters and then placed some network scopes onto each one of the discovery_agents.  The network scopes are local to the decanter / discovery_agent.  Do I need to associate Authentication credentials with these scopes.  I'd rather not have an application that has to have elevated credentials to every machine on our network to function to appropriately.  We've gone through several sox and pci audits where this is an issue.  If I don't associate authentication credentials what will I be missing from the application? 


Additionally, we have several different forests.  There are machines from each forest that reside in the same vlan.  I'm presuming that I'd have to enter different authentication credentials for each forest.  How does Nimsoft know what credential to apply to a machine that it has discovered or does it just try until a credential works?


It appears to discover stuff fine without the credentials, but do I not get apply monitoring profiles to machines unless they have been successfully added with the appropriate credentials.


I'm obviously new to the discovery pieces and the documentation to this stuff is lacking.  Thanks for the help.