Dirscan probe clear message

Discussion created by 1_jstockton on Nov 29, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2013 by ntimm

I am using the Age of File option in the dirscan probe.  This is successfully sending alarms when files over a certain age are found; however the alarm is not clearing after the file has been removed and is no longer found in the scan.  I changed the alarm message to be something custom and see that the Error Token and Ok Token are blank after saving my custom message.  I installed the dirscan probe to another robot so I could get the default values for these and then added them back in the raw config GUI.  This was done after the alarm was created.  Could this be why the alarm is not being cleared?  The orginal alarm was not created with the error token?


I can guess the purpose of these tokens, but can someone explain them just so I am sure.  Also, if they are needed so the error and clear alarms work properly, why are they cleared out after changing the Error and OK message and only available from the raw config?