sqlserver Probe check points

Discussion created by 1_jstockton on Nov 18, 2011
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I am using the sqlserver probe to monitor or MS SQL services and need some clarification on the documentation.  I am interested in the deadlocks metric.


The help document has 


deadlocks – count/sec

This checkpoint monitors the number of deadlocks per second in an interval. As deadlocks can cause severe performance penalty, their number should be close to 0.  Use trace 1204 or 1205 to identify the deadlocked resources and involved applications, also sp_lock procedure delivers useful information about locking. 


What is trace 1204 and 1205?  I know what sp_lock is, but how is it used in this probe?  I don't see any place to put stored procedures to be executed.  Also, in the deadlock check point edit template screen there are two options: use includes, and use excludes that seem to use regular expressions.  What exactly can you include or exclude?