do regular expressions work differently in UMP from Enterprise Console

Discussion created by rgivens on Nov 17, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2012 by mfournier

I'm setting up some custom dashboards in UMP.  They are copies of what I've previously setup in Enterprise Console.  I had some regular expressions setup to exclude some alarms from appearing on a few items and the regular expressions do not work in UMP.


For instance I don't want any cpu or memory alarms showing up on a particular alarm object so i put the following in the subsystem filed of the alarm filter - /^(?!Memory|CPU)/   This prevents the cpu and memory alarms to show up on the alarm object for the machine that I'm monitoring on this dashboard object.  I do the same thing in UMP and it doesn't work at all.    Do regular expressions function in UMP or have they changed?