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Change the font in CustomDashboards

Question asked by AndreasN on Oct 21, 2011
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Have anyone else noticed that the font in customdashboards doesnt look particulary good? If I use an alarmobject with caption, the letters get cut at the bottom (i.e. Storage, the "g" is cut at the bottom). It doesnt help to resize the object, so the only solution so far is to create the object without caption and adding a seperate textbox. This of course doubles the amount of objects to render. 


Another thing is that the font looks like a courier that is monospaced. It honestly doesnt look very good. I would like to change that to an Arial or something that renders better, but after thoroughly going through and change settings in every CSS-file in the theme, i just manage to change the header of the portlet, and not the content itself. I`ve also tried to look at the source-code in the Main.swf for the customdashboard-portlet, without finding anything useful (wouldnt know what to do if I did find something, really). 


Take a look at the screenshot, and you`ll see what i mean. Do you guys have any ideas what to do?