UMP - Dynamic Views inquiry

Discussion created by rgivens on Sep 8, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2011 by ntimm

on page 131 of the Nimsoft UMP user guide it states the following:


If the Discovery module was NOT selected during of installation of the Nimsoft Server, the cdm probe must be distributed to each computer system to be monitored and then configured to send QoS.


We are not using the discovery module presently as we have had issues with it.  All our systems have the CDM probe and are sending QoS to the Nimsoft database.  When I look in UMP under dashboards > Dynamic Dashboards there is only a small amount of our servers with the cdm probe installed listed there for use with Dynamec Views.


How do the servers get listed under the server section of dynamic views if I'm not using the discovery module and how do I get a server listed in there if it's not?