Having a ton of trouble...very frustrated.

Discussion created by cwesley on Aug 10, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2012 by 1_keithk

To top all of that off, the freaking editor crashes often and I occasionally have to close it and re-open just to add a new widget to the canvas.  Am I the only one experiencing this frustration?

So far the main issues I've encountered are unconventional regex (which sucks when you don't know regex and it all looks like gliphs).  It took me hours of digging through countless web pages before I came here and found a forum post that mentioned you need to start and end each expression with a forward slash.  Thanks Stian if you're still around.


Secondly, the freaking alarm panels don't seem to change color as they should, more as they feel like it.  Simple dashboard really, just a couple of the stock server images that show the alarm color.  Occasionally they will change, sometimes the won't.  Occasionally they show the highest alert, sometimes they don't.  WTF?!?!?  


Am I doing something wrong?  I've tried turning propagate on & off, deleting the alarm and adding it again, changing the regex expression on and on.  Same results.