UMP Not Using Standard URL

Discussion created by tbeckman on Apr 22, 2011
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Hello Everyone,


I'm having a very odd problem with UMP 2.1...


Yesterday, the default URL for our Unified Monitoring portal stopped working (users would get the standard "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage").

The URL we use is: http://monitoring.itauthorities.com


After some troubleshooting, it was discovered that http://monitoring.itauthorities.com/user actually works and allows you to log in and use the UMP as normal.


It was also discovered that other variations of the URL...for example http://monitoring.itauthorities.com/SDP would actually result in a failed page, but with a new URL displayed in the browser... http://monitoring.itauthorities.comhttp://monitoring.itauthorities.com...yes...twice.


So far, i have restarted the WASP, re-installed the individual UMP component, re-installed the WASP, completely uninstalled Unified Monitoring, and installed a fresh version.  Each time the system comes back up it retains the whole double URL problem.


I'm at a complete loss here...I have no idea where this URL is being appended to or where the re-direction piece is being handled.


Has anyone come across this?  Or know how I can get the standard URL to respond correctly again?


Much appreciated