is it possible to add "usertags" for ressources addes in a probe (CLARRION, VMWARE, SNMPGET, ...)?

Discussion created by SUK on Mar 31, 2011
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Hi everyone,


is it possible to add "usertags 1 and 2" for ressources addes in a probe (like CLARIION, VMWARE, SNMPGET, etc...)?


By this way it could be very easy to create dashboards, lists and alarms based on thoses filters.


for instance:


- In VMWARE probe, I would like to define several  vcenter as "PROD" and others as "TEST" and to build table in dashboard that display dynamicly all "PROD" vcenter and all "TEST" vcenter in another table.


- In CLARIION probe, define, EMC SANs as "Datacenter 1", "Datacenter 2" or "Datacenter 3" and display a map with alarm conponents that chnages on events on "Datacenter 1" assets, "Datacenter 2" assets, etc...