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Importing new Liferay portlets

Question asked by Joel_YJT on Feb 17, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2012 by ctrager

Was looking for something totally unrelated, and I stumbled across a post that Dustin had replied to with the following:


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As for adding custom portlets, I did some digging and here is what dev wrote on this topic:



You can add a webapp/portlet to UMP by doing the following:


Let's call this webapp NewOne.


Drop your newone.war file into the directory :


   C:\Program Files\Nimsoft\probes\service\wasp\webapps


You must add an entry in the wasp.cfg file, in the <webapps> section, such as:





          reloadable = true

          cross_context = true

          load_on_startup = true

          unpack_war = true

          path = /newone





Note that the XML comment syntax is ** NOT ** allowed in this file.

Also, blank lines are ** NOT ** allowed in this file.


When adding a portlet, make sure there is not a duplicate path definition in the file.


When a webapp has been added you must:

    - Deactivate the wasp probe

    - Wait until it has stopped

    - Activate the wasp probe


Once a webapp has been added to the wasp process, you can stop and start individual webapps in the wasp configuration GUI, including newone. However there won't be a way for the user to deploy the new webapp/portlet, as it won't be in our list of portlets in the Monitoring section of Add Application.


So to make the new portlet appear in the portal, you'd have to login to the portal and then use the  "WebContent" portlet that's in the  Add


Application -> Monitoring  section, and set the URL to:





I haven't personally tested those directions out so best of luck!




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I was able to get through most of the instructions, and have the new WAR files seen by WASP and initialized, but I can't get them to show up on the portal.  I followed the directions on adding a new 'WebContent' portlet and configuring it to point to the new portlet, but i just get a 404 not found error upon saving.  Anyone been able to get this to work?