Server Heath list view and QoS target as robot name instead of computer name

Discussion created by mjanulis on Oct 31, 2010
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Server Health list view uses $HOST variable to insert CPU and memory info into the columns.


My issue is the following:


1.  in controller probe I set specific robot name and also check option to use robot name as the QoS source (instead of computer name)


2.  I see that in my database, QoS target for QOS_CPU_USAGE (system total) seems to be computer name and not robot name.


3.  this breaks Server Health list view function - I see data where my robot name matches computer name, however I see blank lines where my robot name does not match computer name (or it matches, but computer name is inserted as target with fully qualified domain name).


Any thoughts how to force total system CPU target for QOS_CPU_USAGE variable to be robot name instead of computer name?  Thanks.