Bad News? - Ca aquiers Nimsoft

Discussion created by a.pietersen on Mar 11, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2010 by jim.taylor
Just received the news that CA has aquired Nimsoft. This does not please me on forehand.

Just trying to recover from the aquisition of Silverback by Dell. Spend a lot of money to these huge companies that do not understand the SMB market in remote management. In fact do not understand SMB completely (period). First moved from HP to Silverback and recently to Nimsoft.

Ofcourse I understand the proud and joy of Nimsoft to sell their company to a big market leader. But what will this mean for their customers. Marketing words and good intentions are not engough. As it showed us in the passed.

Nevertheless, I congratulate Nimsoft and Ca with this aquistition because the product deserves it!
Apparently this is the ultimate "price" to develope a great product.

Ashley Pietersen (NL)