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Question about UMP 2.0 - html-widgets

Question asked by a.pietersen on Sep 29, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2012 by ntimm

I have just attended the webcast about some (soon) coming new features/packages like VBlocks etc. Also mentioned was the release of UMP 2.0 medio October. And again it looks very exciting. 


One thing I like to be sure about is, will UMP 2.0 makes it possible to use portlets (widgets) for self-created HTML-code. I.e. to be used to inform / help / guide quests and new-customers through the UMP/Nimsoft system. The present message board or iframes (webcontent) is not the solution for this kind of usage, is my opinion. I am almost sure it is possible to do this now already in UMP 1.5 but I prefer a standard UMP feature and do not think it wise to make, so early,  non-standard changes into a this product.


Can somebody confirm if such a HTML-widget feature will be available in UMP version 2. ?  If not, I need to think of an other way to this.



Ashley Pietersen