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How to get rid of the "my community" pages

Question asked by a.pietersen on Sep 13, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2012 by a.pietersen


We have installed the 1.5 ga UMP. After some tests and reading the documents (as far as available) the concept is still not clear enough to us.


What we have is:
- Users created in NMS and are visible in UMP.

- all users are assigned to a specific organization.

- under that organization we created sub-organizations


What we needs is this:

- when user login it should land on the portal-homepage of that organization or suborgnaization where it is assigned to..


What it does now:

- when a user login, user now lands on the homepage of it own "my community"


We do not need the "my community" per user, user should be directed immediately to the homepage of his own organization.


My question:

- is it possible to skip "my community' or not?

- what do we wrong now?

- where can we find more documentation / explanation about how to setup UMP (A kind of roadmap for setting up and organise the UMP in relation to the NMS)


Any suggestion is welcome, thanks.