How to build overview graphs for load balanced server environments

Discussion created by Jarrod on Sep 28, 2012


I have a need to build graphs that have a line of multuple target combined deviation of normal and instead of having each QOS target item as a seperate line I need to have a group of these have a line for an Average, Max, Min. This is for the majority of modern new age app servers we have are load balanced and at any one time one server in a farm may be maxed on a collected value but it wouldnt matter unless the whole farm is higher than normal. Having numerous lines isnt functional, i need to have one line that displays the combination of targets for a value (max,min, avg) and have some kind of line or color changing affect on that line to show deviation from the normal. Any Ideas how i can do this?



Additionally it would be nice to drill in on the single line to see the underlying lines of data used.


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