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New page, with list viewers, add views. they don't save?

Question asked by BenRussoUSA on Mar 16, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2012 by BenRussoUSA

Hi everyone, I am brand new on the forums here, so thanks in advance for helping!

I used the List Designer to create 4 views.  (call them View1, View2, etc..)

I have added a new page to my UMP in my new NOD.   Within that page I added 4 list viewers.

I then open those views in each of the 4 list viewers on the new page.

I set the titles of the list viewers.  (View1, View2, etc..)

Looks great.


Then I log out.  When I log back in and go to this new page,  I see the 4 list viewers, and the titles are there, but there is no open “view” in each one, all 4 lists  are blank and there is no view open or selected ?  I can manually re-open the view in each one and it will work as long as I am logged in.  But logout and they disappear again.

This is repeatable.


What do I have to do to SAVE the darn views on the list viewers on a page?