Commandline Nimsoft message bus sniffer (DrNimbus_CLI)

Discussion created by chris.luekermann on Jan 25, 2012
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attached is a command-line message sniffer similar to what Dr. Nimbus offers.

It can subscribe to the message bus and prints all messages to STDOUT.

You will need to provide a username and password to log into the message bus.

The tool is not required to run on the hub itself but can be run from any system.


It will install a file called "drnimbus" (on windows: drnimbus.bat) to the Nimsoft/bin-directory.

Please note: on windows it is necessary to execute the file while being inside the Nimsoft/bin-directory.

Please Note: the file attached is a Nimsoft probe package that should be imported into Nimsoft Infrastructure Manager and then deployed to a robot.

The tool relies on java being present in the Nimsoft installation directory so make sure to roll out the Nimsoft jre-package to the system as well.


Any feedback appreciated.