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Discussion created by remko.dobber on Mar 31, 2011
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Hi all,


Here's version 1.17, dated 31-march-2011.


This probe modifies the origin field on alarms and qos to allow for more granular multi-tenancy. Please keep in mind that the origin field can be overridden in the robot (controller) setup, so you only need this probe if you are monitoring different customers from the same robot. 


New in 1.17: support for database probes monitoring different customers form the same probe. Profile name will be used as key to look up the origin.






 * Version history
 * 1.06 - removed checkQoSData call from startup (case 40275)
 * 1.07 - added netmask checking. 
 * 1.08 - added user tags to alarm processing
 * 1.09 - added hop0 for right-click configure action
 * 1.10 - fixed hop-1 for hop0
 * 1.11 - added fuzzy lookup for qos; added robot-source lookup (gds)
 * 1.12 - changed lookup to fall back to robotname if source not found
 * 1.13 - added maintenance functionality to change severity on alarms on devices in maintenance
 * 1.14 - added support for overlapping ip networks (RobotNetwork logic)
 * 1.15 - added netmask lookup for qos data
 * 1.16 - copying all header fields for tnt2 support