Possible problems with the NMS5.6 distsrv - this can be a significant problem for NoD installations

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 Distsrv will continually restart itself when deploying a probe if archive is fully populated
I have had to remove approximately 2/3 od the probe packages from the archive to get this distsrv to deploy a probe successfully. The archive folder itself, when full, is 2.05 GB in size with 247 files and 5 folders. When it is this size and you drag and drop a probe out, the distsrv will deploy the probe, but then continually restart itself and not deem the deployment successful and remove the job from the <install_list> section of the distsrv.cfg file. I have to deactivate the probe and then manually edit the config file and remove the job/jobs from the section of the cfg file. Save the file, then restart the. To get a successful deployment without the distsrv probe constantly restarting itself, well over half to 2/3s of the archive folder contents have to be removed/copied to another place, perform the deployments, then restore the packages to the archive.
If this is NoD, obviously the customer doesn't have the filesystem access to go thru this process and neither do we.
Response from engineering:
the developer confirms that this is a problem with the distsrv, where a variable name conflict causes crashes after attempting to unzip certain archives. This will be fixed in the next version.

In the mean time, try removing topology_agent_1.53.zip from the archive.