Anyone created custom probes for AS400?

Discussion created by sperich on Sep 12, 2011

Hi all, calling all AS400 geeks. 


I'm currently finishing up a POC where a customer wants to be able to differentiate jobs in MSGW status on their AS400 systems. We can alert on jobs in MSGW out of the box, however some jobs are MEANT to be in MSGW when they're monitoring a message queue. We only want to get alerts if a job is in MSGW because it's waiting for a specific message, or in MSGW but stopped waiting for a message reply.  The long and short of it is that it is not possible in our probes today - but the customer has already written a CL (control language) script that can do what they need.  My question: is it possible to encapsulate this CL script in a custom probe and either run it timed or as a daemon?