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Discussion created by sperich on Aug 25, 2011
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Hi there,


I have a prospect on a PoC at the moment. They are an MSP who want to offer differentiated services to their customers througth real time monitoring.  I have spent some time with them demonstrating the ability to establish data sovereignity between customers using hubs and accounts. Two queries that have arisen out of these conversations are below and I would be grateful for some guidance on them please!


1) Their offering is mostly in the IBM iSeries space. In many circumstances, they only need to monitor one or two iSeries machines on a customer site.  The iSeries Robot cannot run hub Infrastructure (afaik). It's not worth deploying extra hardware for them to act as a Hub at each customers' site.  Using their own primary/secondary hubs, they could monitor their customers' iSeries machines.  I suggested they override the origin in the robots' controller, which would work, but I'm not clear how to create customer account(s) that link solely to that/those 1-2 customer robots.  I tried to create a User Account with an ACL that had Alarm and Infrastructure Filters set as well, but under Set Dashboard Access the only Dynamic Views Origins were the existing hubs, not the overridden Origin set on the iSeries. Alarm filtering worked fine but the Customer account I created was able to view ALL servers/network devices in Dynamic Views, PRDs etc. Should I set an account link?


2) They'd like to be able to perform remote response monitoring to customer services, so have asked about setting up probes from a seperate machine in their infrastructure and do ping, snmp and various other monitoring to their customers environment. How would one retain data sovereignity over one or more robots performing this monitoring but for _multiple_ customers, so that Customer A's iSeries profiles are kept seperate from Customer B's?  I have looked around url_response, net_connect and snmpget but cannot see how you could set origins at a probe level. With regard to alarms at least, I was thinking a PPR could be established to catch incoming alarms from a certain profile on a robot such as this then change the origin field, but what about QoS metrics stored in the S_QOS_DATA table?


Many thanks