NMS Maintenance Mode Questions

Discussion created by ray.wood on Aug 24, 2011

Can anyone point me to a good description of what Maintenance Mode in NMS covers? I’m responding to an RFI which has several requirements in this area:


  • Define scheduled maintenance windows for groups of devices
  • Define scheduled maintenance windows for specific devices
  • Define ad-hoc maintenance windows for groups of devices
  • Define ad-hoc maintenance windows for specific devices


From what I can see, using the standard interfaces (IM and UMP) we are unable to any of the above OOTB – it would all need custom code. Let me explain:

  • From UMP->RemoteAdmin I can set discovered devices to “Maintenance” mode; this appears to only allow this to be done manually and there is no way to specify date/time period that device should be in maintenance mode i.e. when it should start from and when it should finish.
  • RemoteAdmin does not have a concept of groups other than the discovery scopes; even then you can’t set maintenance mode at the scope level other than doing multiple selects for all devices within that scope (e.g. hold shift or ctrl keys while selecting).
  • UMP->USM does allow groups of devices but it doesn’t provide any way to set the maintenance mode.
  • In IM I can select one or more robots and set maintenance mode and set the “until” time but I cant set a “from” time; so the robot gets put in to maintenance mode immediately.
  • IM only works with robots and not devices monitored by “agentless” probes which handle most of the network device monitoring; profiles within those probes have to be enabled/disabled by editing the individual probe configurations.


So, it looks like custom code is the only way to support these requirements currently (not sure if there is anything in the roadmap for this). I am sure these are pretty common requirements so possible that this custom code has already been written. Is anyone aware of such code and is it generic enough to easily port from one implementation to another? What I’m trying to understand is the amount of effort involved (i.e. number of days of services) required in getting this setup.