Extracting Performance Data from Solarwinds - Does anyone have any knowledge on how to do this

Discussion created by anjayshah on Jul 22, 2011

We have a customer who is using both Solarwinds  (for networks) and Nimsoft Monitor (for Servers). However  he informs me that Solarwinds does not have a very good reporting module and Nimsoft does. He wants to be able to do service level reporting on various things and therefore will need to get the data from Solarwinds into Nimsoft.


I have told him it might be easier to monitor the devices with Nimsoft but that means that they would be monitoring twice.


So the option is to import the data.


Does anyone have any knowledge on what is required to do this? They are willing to pay for PS to do but I need to estimate how long it will take.


Any help appreciated.