Problems when initializing security

Discussion created by keith_k on Jun 24, 2011
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We are migrating several servers to a new data center. We cloned the virtual machines and changed the hostnames and IP addresses of the clones after bringing them up in the new data center. When NMS starts, the security.cfg file is invalidated, which we expected. When starting Infrastructure Manager for the first time on the clone, I am prompted to initialize security. After initializing security, I can use the SECEDIT.EXE command to restore the original security settings...on most of the servers.


This has worked successfully on five servers. However, one server is giving me problems. After I initialize security and get into the Infrastructure Manager, the status bar shows me logged in as Administrator with an ACL of Operator rather than Superuser. This obviously hinders my ability to do anything, especially update the security settings in Infrastructure Manager or by using SECEDIT.EXE.


When I look at the security.cfg file after initializing security, it is very short. It contains a few probes and the entry for the administrator user. It contains no ACLs or ACL template data. I thought this might be normal, but I noticed on another server that the security.cfg file ended up with a lot more data after it was initialized.


I have retried several times by stopping NMS, deleting security.cfg, and initializing again, but the result is the same every time on this server. Any ideas? What might cause the outcome of initializing security to be different?