automatically  monitoring interfaces using interface_traffic

Discussion created by sachinsharma on Jun 17, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2011 by chris.luekermann

Working on a POC at a service provider, trying to replace Zenoss. We set up the interface_traffic probe to monitor a network switch. The switch has, let's say, 50 interfaces on them, 25 of which are active and we are going to monitor right away. The other 25 are inactive but will come online one by one over the next couple of weeks and months as more customers come online. Instead of having to go to the interface_traffic probe to activate monitoring on the interface that was offline a couple weeks ago, we want to try to automatically have the interface_traffic probe turn on monitoring for any interface that comes online.


We can't turn on monitoring for all 50 interfaces because we'll get alarms indicating interfaces are down, something we already know. 


I've mentioned that this just be a part of the process when a customer comes onboard - just go into interface_traffic and turn on whichever interface needs to be monitored. But the prospect would like to see if there's a more automatic way of doing this? Anyone done this before?