ManageEngine VQ Manager

Discussion created by sperich on Jun 3, 2011

Hi all, I bumped into a customer who run  ManageEngine VQ Manager  http://www.manageengine.com/products/vqmanager/. Anyone heard of or come up against it before?  They want to unify their existing suite of poorly running monitoring products across their infrastructure and  this is one of them. They have Mitel and Asterisk PBXs and 150 VOIP endpoints, and it sounds like they use VQ Manager to sniff SIP/RTP data off a monitor port on one orr more of their switches.


At the very least can anybody suggest if we can integrate with it (so they can still keep it running and doing its own thing) for alarming/reporting?  I've already sent an email to Dan Birck but thought I'ld open it up to the wider community.