CMDB and Capacity Planning tool Integration?

Discussion created by sperich on Jun 8, 2011

I have a customer who needs monitoring, "configuration management" and "capacity management". Their RFI specifed requirements that appear outside the scope of Nimsoft's tools (keeping copies of device configs, updating IOS defvices and so on).  Long story short I've told the rep that we can do everything else but the CMDB and Capacity management pieces. The customer is OK with this and is considering seperate SMB focussed tools (I think the CMDB they were looking at was called Kiwicat?) but they want to know more detail about how we can integrate with these products.


It looks like cmdbgtw is perfect for this as they want to be able to get data generated by auto-discovery put into their CMDB.  Does anybody know of customers who use cmdbgtw today and what CMDB's they use it with?


Likewise, their Capacity Management requirements seem to be outside the bounds of Nimsoft and they are looking at another product for this. Does anyone know how we can integrate thus, what customers have done it, and with what sort of products we have integrated to and/or can integrate to?


Many thanks