Aggregating interface traffic QoS values for display on a graph

Discussion created by sachinsharma on May 25, 2011

I have a prospect who is looking for a graph in UMP that will show him two values. The first is the aggregate amount of traffic on switch A. The second is the aggregate amount of traffic on switch B. How can we accomplish this? PRD allows you to stack multiple interfaces on one graph, but you'd have to add another row or chart within the report to give you a comparison. Prospect is looking to have aggregates of each switch on one graph. List views doesn't accomplish this either. Easiest way would be to get the aggregate interface utilization from each switch into one single QoS data point for each switch. We can use sql_response to do that but it's not very scalable. Any thoughts?


Also, does anyone know how the dynamic views gives you the aggregate, for example when you double click on the Interface Traffic node, you see a list of all devices and the current Traffic in MBPS? Is this something that can be modified or leveraged?