Problems getting E2E Scripts working on Windows XP with IE 8

Discussion created by ray.wood on May 25, 2011
Latest reply on May 31, 2011 by ray.wood

I'm having big problems getting E2E Scripts working on Windows XP with IE 8. Usual problem of getting the popup error when trying to start a recording of an IE session - either third party browser extensions not enabled or shdocvw.dll not registered.


I've tried all of the usual checks:

  • Ensure third party extensions enabled - this is hardcoded as enabled in the registry by the administrator and is visible as enable in the IE options although I can't modify it (why would I want to in this case?)
  • Ensure the add on is enabled - confirmed
  • I added the recommended registry setting (it didn't exist)
  • I uninstalled NimRecorder and reinstalled and checked that rest of above still OK.
  • I've restarted the server at various stages of doing above.

Short of asking them to rebuild the machine does anyone have any other ideas? This is for a currently active POC (i.e. me onsite) so any help appreciated.