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Monitoring metrics within the logical vmware folder hierachy

Question asked by sperich on May 2, 2011
Latest reply on May 3, 2011 by sperich

Hey there,


I was doing a vblock demonstration this morning and while showing off the vblock probe the customer presented an interesting scenario. They use vCenter and have arranged a logical folder hierachy of datacenters, clusters, datastores, networks, virtual machines, templates, and/or hosts within them. They're an MSP, so this allows them to segment objects within vCenter from a business perspective rather than technology perspective.


So they asked if there was a way to manage metrics for objects within these logical folders from within the vmware probe rather than present it a hardware perspective? Particularly if they are to be using templates or automatic configuration. I am thinking if they aren't presented in the web service from the vCenter then probably not, but would like some vmware guru to confirm first before I follow up.