HA support for UMP

Discussion created by 1_ryan.jussel on Mar 29, 2011
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In 2.x UMP now supports multiple UMP instances, however I have a customer setting up the HA probe for their hub(s), and now wants their single UMP instance to fail-over to the secondary nas/data_engine.  


We've determined the manual procedure to apply the changes, and it can be simplified by creating config/super packages with the correct secondary/primary .cfx files.  I am going to write a quick lua script to re-configure the wasp,dap, and dashboard_engine to be triggered by the HA failover alarm, however I thought I would check to see if anyone has done this previously, or has a better solution for UMP failover from the HA probe?



Below is a sample .cfx that would re-configure the wasp for use with the secondary nas/dash_eng/ace/reports etc.  that I willl use to reset the UMP config after failover.  



<setup> overwrite     data_engine = SECONDARY_DATA_ENGINE <webapps> overwrite       <reports>      <custom     >          <uncrypted>               report_engine= SECONDARY_REPORT_ENGINE          </uncrypted>      </custom>     </reports>     <alarm_console>         <custom>             <uncrypted>                 nas = SECONDARY_NAS             </uncrypted>         </custom>              </alarm_console>         <discoverystatus> overwrite         <custom>             <uncrypted>                 ace = SECONDARY_ACE             </uncrypted>         </custom>     </discoverystatus>      <dynamicviews> overwrite         <custom>             <uncrypted>                 nas = SECONDARY_NAS           reprot_engine = SECONDARY_REPORT_ENGINE             </uncrypted>         </custom>     </dynamicviews>     <alarmconsole> overwrite         <custom>             <uncrypted>                 nas = SECONDARY_NAS             </uncrypted>         </custom>     </alarmconsole>     <customdashboards> overwrite        <custom>             <uncrypted>                 nas = SECONDARY_NAS             </uncrypted>         </custom>     </customdashboards>     <dashboarddesigner> overwrite         <custom>             <uncrypted>                 dap = SECONDARY_DAP //(IF different)           variable_server = SECONDARY_VARIABLESERVER             </uncrypted>         </custom>     </dashboarddesigner> </webapps>



dashboard_engine .cfx


<nimbus> overwrite     data_engine_address = SECONDARY/data_engine     nas_address = SECONDARY/nas     dap_address = SECONDARY/dap     variable_server_address = SECONDARY/variable_server </nimbus>



dap .cfx


<setup> overwrite       data_engine = SECONDARY_data_engine </setup>